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The New BMW 340i Review


The very famous 6 cylinder is back with the all new BMW 340i xDrive Sedan. It has a motorsport DNA which gives you an excitingly sporty car that you will love to ride. Luxury buyers who can are looking of an extra performance at an relatively lower price, then they would definitely desire for this!

Performance and Dynamics

  • This car is made for deliberate extra performance. The BMW 340i can accelerarate from 0 -100 kmph in just a matter of 4.4 seconds. It produces a power of 387 hp, the one that is availabl  in M Sport versions. The driving dynamics is breathtaking. You feel so empowered when you drive the car. The gear box is so handy and smart. Whether you want to ferociously surge or you want to deftly move, the dual-clutch is always at your command. But, we thought it could have had adaptive dampers.
  • Obviously being in the affordable market means you would lack the depth compared to M3. But, you cannot point out any mistake otherwise. You also get sports exhaust.


  • When coming to luxury cars, be it Merc or BMW, they have provided quite a lot of space. But, we do know the fact that BMW may not give you the saloon of Mercedes. Nevertheless, they would meet the expectations of consumers really well. This time with 340i though, we have to say that it is not as spacious as you think. The car has become bigger, wider and lower. So you may not have ebnough rooom for 5 five people.
  • That is not all. The drive seat leg room is considerably small with just 34.6 inches. A tall & hefty guy would definitely not feel comfortable at all. With 340i, BMW has lowered its standards of ergonomics. you have abrupt thigh support which let’s bottom half of your leg to free fall.
  • You get a Alcantara/Sensatec blue-black upholstery which feels like rough pitch. We reckon, it may get better after more and more use.
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