McLaren P1 GTR Design Concept Has Been Unveiled


McLaren has been teasing its fans and followers with its P1 GTR. They had earlier revealed a few glimpses of the super car. Now they have finally pulled the covers off their P1 GTR, an ultra exclusive vehicle meant for track use.

  • The P1 GTR by McLaren is set to sport a 3.8-litre V8, twin-turbo petrol powered engine. The engine will also be supported by an ultra light electric motor. This will help the vehicle producing a combined horsepower of 986.
  • The British automotive manufacturer had only one goal insight to make the best driver’s car in the world. McLaren P1 GTR is meant for track use and has no restrictions to it. It has been built, maintained and run by McLaren Special Operations. It is the most powerful and track oriented supercar ever built.
  • McLaren have spent a lot of time and effort into their P1 GTR. It has drawn several engineering cues from other motorsports like Formula One. The track focussed supercar will sport DRS, ERS with push to pass system and an IPAS powertrain. It also gets slick tyres, aerodynamic exterior and fixed ride height.
  • The rack focussed P1 GTR by McLaren is based on its street legal McLaren P1. However, the bodywork has been redesigned to improve aerodynamics. The British manufacturer claims its supercar will offer superior performance, along with performance and improved driver engagement.
  • The P1 GTR has an onboard air jacking system to facilitate quick tyre changes. The rear has a huge twin element aerodynamic wing. It sits on carbon fibre pylons which is fitted completely on the rear section of the vehicle. The exhaust sits centrally exposed, just below the rear wing.
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